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I'm Nick!

I'm the ASE Master Certified Technician at Onust:
  • I’ll give you an Honest opinion whether you have an Onust plan or not
  • I have 30 years of automotive industry experience
  • My ASE certification enables me to provide support for all vehicle component concerns
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Get to Know Nick

Nick, our ASE Master Certified Technician, serves as the go-to professional available on-call for Onust members. He's readily accessible to address any concerns or inquiries related to members' vehicles. Whether individuals encounter issues with their vehicles or simply seek insights into what to expect in terms of future vehicle problems, Nick is there to offer assistance. Even if you're not a subscriber yet, Nick is available to answer your questions and provide support so you'll be able to see what kind of service you'll have at your fingertips when you sign up with Onust. His expertise covers a wide array of vehicle-related matters and gives him valuable insights, ensuring members are well-informed about their vehicles. With Nick available, Onust members can make more informed decisions, making it beneficial to consult with him before purchasing a new vehicle or when dealing with mechanical problems on their current vehicle.

Nick has been in the automotive industry for 30 years and has been ASE-certified since 1997. His specialty is in engine performance and light vehicle hybrid systems. He's highly trained and knowledgeable to help with your vehicle, no matter the brand. Nick's favorite part of being a certified master technician is keeping on top of the new technology and advancements in vehicle manufacturing, so you can rest assured you're in good hands when you need to contact him for assistance.

Additional Facts:

Nick is also an instructor of Automotive Service Management and Technology at the local Community College. He is giving back by teaching the next generation of Technicians to work on your vehicle.

Advice from Nick:

When asked for his top tips on keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape, Nick offered this advice:

  • Keep up on your vehicle maintenance! Many repairs can be avoided by simply performing your maintenance early or on time. This also allows the shop to look over your vehicle and alert you to any potential problems that you may need to fix in the future. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended service intervals, and remember that driving in traffic or towing requires more frequent maintenance.
  • Do you know what type of oil your vehicle requires? Does it take 5w30 or 0w20, synthetic or conventional? What type of washer fluid is best for you? What other fluids should I check on my vehicle? We can help answer these questions for you!
  • If you find a problem with your vehicle, contact Nick, our ASE Master Certified Technician, by clicking the link on this page and ask him any vehicle related questions you may have. This service is included with your subscription at no extra cost, and is also available to everyone whether they have a plan with Onust or not!

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