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Unveiling the Coverage of Your Plan: Explore What's Included

These are just a few examples of thousands of covered components


  • Cam housing gasket(s)
  • Cylinder block
  • Cylinder head(s) & gasket(s)
  • EGR valve
  • Engine mounts
  • Exhaust manifold(s) & gasket(s)
  • Flywheel or flex plate
  • Front crankshaft seal


  • Cooler and metal cooler lines
  • Front pump seal(s)
  • Manual clutch slave and master cylinders
  • Output shaft seal
  • Pan gasket
  • Shifter seal
  • Speedometer cable seal
  • Torque converter

Drivetrain Assembly

  • Axle seal(s) or gasket(s)
  • Axle shafts and bearings
  • Center bearings and drive shaft yokes
  • Control processor nd sensors
  • CV joint boots
  • Differential gasket(s)
  • Drive shaft(s)
  • Final drive and axle housing(s) and internal parts


  • Air tubes
  • Air suspension bags
  • Ball joints
  • Coil springs
  • Compressor
  • Control processor and sensors
  • Control arm bushings
  • Control arm shafts


  • Beltdriven pump
  • Reservoir and internal parts
  • Idler arm
  • Pitman arm
  • Pump shaft seal
  • Rack assembly
  • Steering column bearings
  • Steering column couplings

Brakes/ABS Brakes

  • Accumulator
  • Backing plate assembly
  • Brake pedal
  • Caliper seals
  • Calipers
  • Combination valve
  • Master cylinder
  • Metal brake line fittings


  • Alternator
  • Backup light switch
  • Brake light switch
  • Manually operated switches
  • Neutral safety switch
  • Pulley and mounting bracket
  • Starter drive

Air Conditioning & Heating

  • A/C compressor clutch
  • A/C compressor coil
  • A/C compressor mounting bracket
  • A/C compressor pulley
  • Accumulator
  • Beltdriven A/C compressor
  • Blower motor
  • Compressor gaskets and seals

Fuel System

  • Accelerator pedal
  • Carburetor
  • Distribution rails
  • Fuel injectors
  • Fuel level sending unit
  • Fuel pressure regulator
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel tank

Cooling System

  • Electric fan motor
  • Fan
  • Fan clutch
  • Fan shroud
  • Radiator and mounting brackets
  • Recovery tank
  • Thermostat

Interior Electronics

  • Cruise control assembly
  • Digital dash display
  • DVD player
  • Electronic climate control head
  • Factoryinstalled entertainment chassis including radio
  • Magnetic tape players
  • Dash mounted CD player and graphic equalizer
  • Headsup display projector and control unit

Convenience Accessories

  • Convertible top frame
  • Heated seat elements
  • Horn
  • Horn relay
  • Memory seat activator switch
  • Memory seat control processor
  • Memory seat motors
  • Memory seat solenoids

Vehicle Hardware

  • Ash tray assembly
  • Bumper impact absorbers
  • Courtesy light switches
  • Glove box lock assembly
  • Headlamp mounting buckets
  • Manual seat track assembly
  • Parking and side lamp bodies and sockets
  • Hood latch and cables

Other Components

  • Occupant restraint
  • Occupant protection
  • Antenna mast and mirrors
  • Brake drums
  • Filters and filter housings
  • Fuses and fusible links
  • PCV valve
  • Oil separator and fuel vapor canister

Electric Vehicle Components

  • Charge port
  • DC.DC Converter
  • Electric traction motor
  • Onboard charger
  • Power electronic controller
  • Thermal system (cooling)
  • Traction battery pack

Sport Package

  • Step bumpers and mounting brackets
  • Spare tire carrier
  • Spare tire swing arm and its pivot latches and locks
  • Running boards
  • Swingingaway mirror arms and mounts
  • Popout or sliding side rear window latches and hinges
  • Bed liner except for warpage
  • Rail protectors

Find the Plan That Works Best for You

We offer affordable and flexible plans you can trust to
cover every mile of your journey.

Onust Connect Plus

Our most comprehensive plan covering most aspects of vehicle repair and protection.

  • Real-time connection with ASE-certified mechanics
  • 24/7 towing & emergency roadside assistance
  • Immediate notifications for vehicle & safety recalls
    • Mechanical breakdown coverage ¡

      Our comprehensive mechanical coverage is what sets us apart.
      See what’s included.

  • Travel lodging reimbursement
  • Rental car coverage

Onust Connect Tech

Our most modern plan with extensive coverage on major technology components in your vehicle.

  • Real-time connection with ASE-certified mechanics
  • 24/7 towing & emergency roadside assistance
  • Immediate notifications for vehicle & safety recalls
  • No vehicle inspections required to join
  • Zero deductibles fort parts & labor repairs
  • First day, lifetime coverage
    • Extensive technology coverage ¡

      Extensive technology coverage for all your vehicle's gizmos and gadgets.
      See what’s included.

Onust Connect Family

The same great coverage as Onust Connect, with the option to cover up to four family vehicles.

  • Real-time connection with ASE-certified mechanics
  • 24/7 towing & emergency roadside assistance
  • Immediate notifications for vehicle & safety recalls
  • Coverage for up to four vehicles

Onust Connect

Our base plan keeps you on the road, with worry-free assistance when you need it most.

  • Real-time connection with ASE-certified mechanics
  • 24/7 towing & emergency roadside assistance
  • Immediate notifications for vehicle & safety recalls

Reliable Service You Can Count On

We get that your car powers you and your family’s life. That’s why it’s our passion to provide trustworthy and expert care for you and your car, no matter how big or small the problem may be.

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Ensuring Safety for You and Your Family on the Road Ahead

We’ll go above and beyond to protect you and your vehicle by providing you with a one-stop-shop for all your questions and vehicle needs. You can always feel confident knowing we’re just a click or phone call away.

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Exceptional Expertise: Providing Care You Can Trust

Our Member Advocacy Center and expert mechanics are readily available to ensure your car gets the attention it deserves. Whatever the problem, we’ll help you find the best solution so you can get back out on the road.

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